Balance Board & Roller

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Develop core muscle strength while having loads of fun on our Balance Board & Roller. Available in two sizes (Equal & Mini), each of which is available in chocolate (darker) and gold (lighter) finishes. Also known as a "Wobble Board", this full-body exerciser can be used in a home gym or at the office, between meetings.

Product Options & Specifications:

Equal 18mm | Load capacity greater than 65kg

🔘 80cm Long x 30cm Wide Board

🔘 40cm Long x 11cm Diameter Roller

🔘 15mm Spruce plywood with UV resistant varnish

🔘 Grip tape strips

🔘 Removable stoppers for more freedom of movement

🔘 Non-slip rubber on Roller

Kids Mini 18mm | Load capacity up to 65kg

🔘 70cm Long x 25cm Wide Board

🔘 30cm Long x 11cm Diameter Roller

🔘 18mm Plywood with UV resistant varnish

🔘 Grip tape strips

🔘 Non-slip rubber on Roller

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Product Benefits:

✅ Attention & Concentration

✅ Body Awareness

✅ Bilateral Integration

✅ Crossing of the Mid-line

✅ Hand-Eye Coordination

✅ Hand Dominance

✅ Muscular strength

✅ Postural Control

✅ Sensory Processing

✅ Isolated Movement

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