DIY Can Crusher Kit

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This DIY activity encourages recycling by helping you CRUSH your aluminium drink cans! Please note, this product is designed only to crush regular aluminium drink cans.

✅ 7+ years

What's Included:

🔘 Parts: 2x Arm levers. 2x curved sides, 1x top crusher, 1x bottom crusher, 1x back piece, 1x handle, 2x aluminium guides, 1x long thread rod, 1x medium threaded rod, 4x short threaded rods.

🔘 Hardware: 8x Silver end caps, 4x wood dowels, 4x small screws, 2x large screws, 2x nail-in anchors, 2x white cover caps, 2x red caps, 2x nylon spacers, 2x round mats, 2x silver Allen keys, 1x black Allen key, sandpaper & wooden hammer.

Product Information:

🔘 Finished product dimensions: 50 x 16 x 12cm

Our DIY kits are fun & tactile activities, designed to promote early childhood development and three-dimensional thinking. 

All wooden parts are lightly sanded. We encourage children to explore and learn as much as possible when building their own kits, from hammering to sanding, it is all part of the fun! Kindly note our products are child-friendly, but we do recommend adult supervision during assembly. 

Sustainability is important to us. This product is made locally from untreated timber that is sourced from sustainable forests.

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