FEVA Star Kids Bike Seat

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The jockey position has been researched and designed to work with the all-weather foam material, absorbing shocks from bumps and impacts, avoiding an increased risk of injury in the spine and lumbar regions with traditional chair-style bike seats. The forward riding position offers enough clearance to avoid impeding riding style and position for the adult, yet close enough to facilitate enhanced communication and interaction with the child. This type of carrier design also offers added stability while dismounted and pushing the bike, especially on steep terrain.

Product Features:

🔘 Quick & Easy to install

🔘 Tool-free installation within minutes (straps)

🔘 Suits almost all bike shapes & sizes

🔘 Safety straps offer confidence to the child 

🔘 Suitable from 18 months in age & older

🔘 Maximum weight of 22kg

🔘 Made from a strong, high-density foam

🔘 Weighs less than 900g

Product Benefits:

✅ The carefully designed platform-style saddle helps children gain stability while learning to balance.

✅ ️Offers the child full forward vision, stimulating an immersive, fun & exciting riding experience.

✅ The soft material and strap-mounting eliminates the risk of damage to the bike frame.

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