Floating Pool Lounger

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The best pillow you will ever buy! These Lounger Pillows can be used inside ánd outside of the pool, by the entire family (even the furry members). Use it as a floating lilo (that will never puncture) or as a lounging cushion on the patio or the lawn. They will also add a touch of style to your outdoor area.

Our Pool Loungers have a durable outdoor canvas slipcover (removable & washable), and an inner filled with polystyrene balls.

Available Sizes:

🔘 Small Lounger | 1m x 1m

🔘 Large Lounger | 1.5m x 1m

The Small Lounger is suitable for younger kids & small to medium-sized dogs, while the Large Lounger is suitable for teenagers, adults & bigger dogs.

Colour Options

🔘 Black/White stripes top with black bottom

🔘 Red/White stripes with navy blue bottom

🔘 Navy/White stripes with red bottom

🔘 Black/White stripes with yellow bottom

🔘 Grey/White stripes with grey bottom

Note: Stripe thicknesses may vary, depending on material availability

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*Plain colour options available on request, please contact us to discuss your options.