Picnic Kit

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Take the stress out of outdoor family get-togethers with our beautiful picnic kits. Take them to your local park, playground, or beach and set yourself up to enjoy the outdoors with your family.

Simply select your combination of Picnic Blanket, Go-Go Bag, Cooler Bag & Wine Cooler, available in Black & White Stripes, Black Monstera & White Monstera.

Picnic Kit Options:

🔘 Complete: Picnic Blanket, Go-Go Bag, Cooler Bag & Wine Cooler

🔘 Essentials: Picnic Blanket, Cooler Bag & Wine Cooler

🔘 Basic: Picnic Blanket & Cooler Bag

🔘 Grab & Go: Picnic Blanket & Go-Go Bag

Product information for each item is included below. Refer to the images for product labels.

Picnic Blanket

It's made with a waterproof canvas bottom, making it suitable for damp ground or wet sand. The durable fabric top can easily be shaken off. It rolls up snugly in a drawstring carry bag. These Picnic Blankets can also be used as a playmat for babies and children - you will be the coolest mom in town!

🔘 2m x 1.5m

🔘 Top durable fabric, bottom weatherproof canvas

🔘 Light inner padding

🔘 For indoor or outdoor use

🔘 Gentle washing, when required

🔘 Includes a drawstring carry bag

Go-Go Bag

The days of shiny, plastic diaper bags in cheesy baby prints are slowly coming to an end. Nowadays, moms can remain fashionable while carrying great-looking, but still functional bags.  Our Go-Go Bags are specifically for moms who hate to sacrifice style. They can be used long after the diaper days are over! 

The Go-Go Bag is the perfect mommy bag. Big enough and specifically designed to carry the whole family’s goodies.

🔘 75cm x 42cm

🔘 Weatherproof canvas outside

🔘 Plastic inner

🔘 Zip pocket inside

🔘 Strap handles

🔘 Gentle handwash

Cooler Bag

Our Cooler Bag is big enough to pack an assortment of snacks for a long road trip or picnic festivities.

🔘 45cm x 30cm x 22cm

🔘 Lined with foil

🔘 Plastic protected

Wine Cooler

Compact and functional. This Wine Cooler has space for 3 wine bottles and ice or extra goodies.

🔘 38cm x 16cm x 16cm

🔘 Lined with foil

🔘 Plastic protected

All kits are available in Black & White Stripes, Black Monstera & White Monstera.

Add our Portable Picnic Board for the ultimate picnic experience!

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*standalone options available on request, Contact Us to discuss your options.